How often do you need to ventilate the room? In which rooms it is needed to use air filters? Is it necessary to take further actions? Senseir is to help you to answer these questions.

The main goal of the Senseir solution is to advance effective air quality. By introducing sensors into the interiors we achieve the clear aim: to improve the quality of air and thus to lower the risk of bacteria and viruses transmission in interior spaces.


How does it work?

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Main advantages

The air quality is monitored in real time by installing sensors of air quality (humidity, temperature, CO2, dust, barometric pressure, CO, radiation, lighting), measured data is evaluated and then based on the results, responsible persons are alerted to the need to ventilate the room or to take other measures.

Measurements are taken using Airlyse100 device and together with analytical platform can keep, evaluate and display data in real time either directly on Airlyse100 device display or platform that is available on mobile device or tablet.


We do high quality monitoring

Senseir solution enables air quality monitoring by means of precise sensors integrated into one device in enclosed rooms such as e.g. offices, classrooms, shopping centers etc. everything in real time. If the air quality exceeds the standards set by WHO/EU the device emits acoustic or optical signal. All measured data is at the same time collected and safely stored, displayed on a simple platform and it can serve as a statistical basis for setting up decision-making processes in your organization.

This device is made and developed in the Slovak republic from recyclable material. It is powered by solar energy and battery and therefore it is highly adjustable with minimal carbon footprint, and thanks to it our production is environmentally friendly.



Our equipment Airlyse 100 has passed professional certification for EMC tests, CE European certificate of conformity and various STN certifications including accuracy of the measurement of our devices.

Our certificates are available below:

TEST REPORT No.: 220500318/EMC  Download Icon Images #301306 - Free Icons Library

SPRÁVA O POSÚDENÍ ZHODY č.220500318  Download Icon Images #301306 - Free Icons Library

Consulted and recommended

Prof. MUDr. Vladimir Krcmery DrSc. he is a Slovak doctor, scientist – expert in tropical medicine, infectology, oncology, university professor, founder of medicine, social institutes and international humanity missions in developing countries.

He is the founder of a private St. Elisabeth University of Health and social work in Bratislava (VSZaSP), where between 2002 – 2013 he was the president of the University. At his initiative, The Ministry of Health in Slovak republic established the National reference centre for tropical diseases in Bratislava in 2007 as a specialized workplace of the Institute of public health at university VSZaSP St. Elisabeth in Bratislava. From March 15,2017 he has been the president of St. Elisabeth University of Health and social work in Bratislava (VSZaSP) as well as the Head of the Microbiology Department of the Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University and UN Bratislava. Recently he has served as one of the key experts in the government´s pandemic Commission for the fight against the Covid-19 disease.

MUDr. Viliam Bršiak, MPH – „Master of Public Health“ head of PZS team, is a doctor with over 30 years experience. His work experience includes: 4 years in the managerial position of District hygiene station Považská Bystrica, over 10 years in the management of RUVZ Zilina. Since 2006 he has been head of the team of Health Service Pro Benefit s.r.o. He is an expert in research and evaluation of neuropsychological activity and ergonomic aspects of work. He was a forensic expert in the field of medicine and pharmacists specializing in occupational medicine for 20 years. He is still interested in civilization diseases and the possibilities of its prevention.

Why is it important to measure the air quality?

The human lungs area is on average the size of a tennis court. Human contact with the external environment takes place in this area . The parameters of individual components influence human health. The amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, chemical squadrons and dust particles have an impact on our health and even our performance. Therefore, monitoring indoor air quality is very important mainly as we have possibilities to improve it.

Where can you see the greatest benefit of the Senseir solution in connection with this issue?

This device monitors above mentioned air components but its ability for continuous measurement is crucial. The spectrum of measured factors is sufficient to comprehensive review of the air quality.

What effect can on human health be due to worse air parameters?

Every air parameter if exceeding or not reaching the recommended value can lower performance and in case of further deterioration can damage health. The temperature, humidity, amount of CO2, dust or chemicals. Each of these factors can cause health problems. The more of these factors are out of recommended values the worse effects.

What places or groups of people do you consider as the most risky and is it needed to monitor them?

Of course children and adolescents are the most sensitive to microclimate changes especially if they suffer from any respiratory system disorders (e.g. asthma, irritative coughs) or cardiovascular system disorders too. If more people stay for longer time in the closed space the concentration of CO2 and temperature as well as the metabolic products by respiration is higher. The necessary parameters are monitored and so there can be effective selection of measures to improve them.

As an expert could you suggest, based on your experience, what to apply in case of worse parameters of air?

There are many possible measures. In the building or room it is possible to install a total air conditioning with a machine-room where it is possible to regulate the temperature, humidity, fresh air supply and filters. Portable devices are available to regulate indoor climate too. They have different functions and performance levels according to the volume of air in the room. Even short term intensive ventilation improves the microclimate which brings the immediate effect on the screen.

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